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How to Pick the Best Wedding Cake Flavor

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If you still can’t decide which wedding cake to choose for your big day, don’t worry. Below are some great tips and choices on how to choose the perfect wedding cake flavor to amaze your guests. Once you know the one that you like, it becomes easier to choose which Brisbane wedding cake makers to hire.

It’s true that almost all wedding cake makers offer different styles, flavors, and designs for the cake. Here is a guide that you can use so that when you show up for cake tasting, you’ll become more confident with your choice.

Tips on How to Choose Wedding Cake Flavors

It may be a little difficult to choose a wedding cake flavor that every guest would like. But then again, this is your wedding and you’re the one in control. Check out the tips we have below to help you make that crucial decision.

1. Consider your favorite dessert.

When choosing, consider your own taste. What kind of dessert do you prefer? Do you like mocha or chocolate? Even if these two are not conventional cake types, no one’s stopping you from picking them if those are the flavors that you prefer. Talk to your chosen wedding cake maker if they can accommodate those flavors.

2. Ask for flavor combinations.

If it’s going to be a really big, multi-tier cake, you might as well choose different flavor combinations so that you’ll have the best of all worlds. Make every layer of your cake different so every guest will have something to like.

3. Consider the time of the year.

The season when you’re getting married will affect what cake flavor is best. If it is winter, chocolate is okay because it won’t melt in the otherwise conditions of summer. So if it’s summer, try to go light and fruity instead. White chocolate, poppy seed, and lemon cake flavors are recommended.

Different Wedding Cake Flavors to Choose From

If you’re still not sure which wedding cake to choose, below are some of the most popular flavors of wedding cakes ordered from reputable cake makers. These are flavors you may consider for your own wedding cake.

1. Hazelnut wedding cake

This wedding cake flavor is reminiscent of Grandma’s baking. It’s a bit different to what you’re accustomed to but if you’re a little bit adventurous, go for it. This flavor is so rich and decadent. Plus you don’t need to serve a lot of coffee along with it.

2. Chocolate wedding cake

This type of wedding cake is quite common, and you usually have the choice to make yours white or dark. Either way, they’re both delicious. Try each one of them out so you’ll know which one is best for you.

3. Lemon wedding cake

Who doesn’t love a lemon cake? This fruity flavor is a perfect choice for wedding cakes if you don’t want to go overboard when it comes to sweetness. Lemon is naturally citrus so it cancels out most of the sugar needed to make a delicious cake.

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